Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Steve Palazzo spoke at the May meeting

Steve Palazzo spoke to our group last night. Some of the topics discussed were the recent oil spill and what was being done to contain it. Also discussed were Steve's military qualifications and record of commitment to the state of Mississippi. Please get out and vote on June 1st!!!!

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  1. Did anyone ask if Steven will not be doing any further side by side speaking engagements with Joe Tegerdine? I want to put an end to the rumors that Steven is backing away from looking less informed, and a poorer speaker. We have to get to the bottom of these rumors and expose the truth. If he can't speak next to Joe then how will he handle speaking beside Gene Taylor!?!
    Mississippi needs a confident, willing to take a challenge and fight, kind of leader, not a shrink away from competition sort of Rep.
    Competition is good for the both of them and as Republican women we need to encourage them to prepare for the battle, not save it till they have to speak in a debate forum with Taylor.
    Be wise and be ready not wimps and unprepared.