Monday, March 29, 2010

Please leave comments

As the President of the George County Republican Women I chose to put together a blog forum instead of a website so that people would be able to comment on the posts and other information for all to see. Some of the links have been sent to me by people in the community or pertain to the current campaign. It is the policy of the Republican Women not to endorse any candidate before a primary so we have all Republican candidates links or websites listed. Please look at them for more information. If there is something you would like to see on this site please comment. The site is update twice a week. Thank you for your participation.
Michelle Mersdorf

Update from the Legislative Session

This weekend legislators considered two bills that "involve floating general  finance obligations bond issues to finance certain repair and renovation projects at state-owned facilities, to fund highway and bridge improvement projects and to bring new jobs through economic developments." These two bonds together will equal $600 million in specific projects. 
Other bills under discussion were HB1043 creating new start schools by helping schools that have showed no improvement. HB1047 studying teacher attrition, retention, and professional growth, and HB1097 requiring the state to provide technical assistance to schools not meeting state standards.
The bill I found to be the best piece of legislation was SB2015 prohibiting bullying behavior in schools. This is an important piece of legislation because kids who bully grow up to be adults that bully through dominating others with intimidation. If children are taught more appropriate ways of dealing with their own fears maybe the world would be a more pleasant place.
(The information for this post was taken from a weekly housekeeping report sent to me by Rep. Shaun Walley.)
Michelle Mersdorf

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on Mississippi's Obamacare position

An email this morning informed me know that if Mr. Hood doesn't do the right thing and file suit, than Haley Barbour will probably do so by Thursday. Anyone reading this MUST please call the Attorney General's Office and make your sentiments known!

Michelle Mersdorf

Monday, March 22, 2010

Generation Joshua organizational meeting held

The first meeting of Generation Joshua was held on Saturday, March 20th. The officers were elected with John Bolton to serve as president of the group. This group encourages youth to be more active politically and in the civic arena. If we do not encourage our youth to get involved who will carry on? We must give our youth a solid Christian world view. Generation Joshua does this by teaching youth founding beliefs. It has been said that those who show up make policy!!


I know everyone must be very disappointed by last nights vote. This should "set brush fires in people's minds" to quote the great Samuel Adams. Many small fires will eventually cause a lot of smoke! According to some in the State Legislature our fair Attorney General Jim Hood is not going to file any legal action to fight Obamacare. His email is The general information number is 601 359-3680. We need to flood his office with our desire to fight this!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on the legislative session

Want to know more about our legislative session? You can call the Capitol at 601 395-3770. Legislative proceeding can be viewed on the Internet @ click on "House" or "Senate" and see our state elected officials in action!

New blog

I encourage everyone to say committed to being informed about what is going on around us at the city, county, state and federal level. If anyone has something they would like to see on our blog please feel free to email us at the email listed. Remember, one vote CAN make a difference!